Area Attractions

Located on the Southern Oregon Coast, Gold Beach is a seaside town. And a river town. And a forest/mountain town. Where the Rogue River meets the Pacific Ocean, you’ll find a taste of the Pacific Northwest that you might have thought no longer existed.

You will find things are very different here. Uncrowded beaches, quiet roads, pristine wide-open spaces, incredible hiking trails, vast forests and rugged mountains all invite you to relax and explore. It’s probably one of the best places in the world to do nothing, like walking along a sandy beach just clearing your head. Or sitting on a gusty bluff, watching clouds go by. Or gazing into a tide pool for what seems like hours, until that starfish finally moves on. Maybe casting a line with no thought at all except what’s in that calm pool on the other bank. Try browsing the downtown galleries and  local bookstore. Most of all, enjoy the pace and we promise to send you home feeling the way a getaway should make you feel.

Gold Beach has that kind of effect on you; it’s just the best escape.

Rogue River and bridge

Rogue River and bridge